Dancing in the moonlight

I'm Soo Gun. My age is irrelevant. Jesuschrist is my only idol and I love him more than anything. I'm addicted to Kdramas, chocolate and peanuts. Miley Cyrus is my favorite girl ever and I don't care what you think about her. I love languages, reading and Bollywood movies. Stayer forever. I wish Taylor Swift was my sister. If you want to know more about me then ask me ;)

My name is Demi, but you can call me Lil Wayne for short. (x)

I want to thank Demi because just the fact that we’re here, at 21 years old, and we’ve always talked about using our voice to help this generation. Sometimes I feel like we’re the only ones holding the fort. I’m so thankful for you to inspire me everyday so, I hope that we can together completely inspire this generation to focus on whats really important…So, thank you so much. - Selena Gomez


"I am worth recovery And I’m allowed to celebrate it, which is a great feeling

“You can never hurt me again.”

Demi Lovato talking about her dad

Meeting Demi Lovato at a coffee shop