Dancing in the moonlight

It's irrelevant to write about me here because you will get to know me better through the posts I reblog; feelings, thoughts, dreams, fears, what I don't allow myself to say out loud, it's all here. Almost.

@ddlovato: Making a difference at Capitol Hill.

Nick Jonas, Taylor Swift & Lorde chatting at VMAs 2014

Demi Lovato shredding sass like a boss.

My name is Demi, but you can call me Lil Wayne for short. (x)

I want to thank Demi because just the fact that we’re here, at 21 years old, and we’ve always talked about using our voice to help this generation. Sometimes I feel like we’re the only ones holding the fort. I’m so thankful for you to inspire me everyday so, I hope that we can together completely inspire this generation to focus on whats really important…So, thank you so much. - Selena Gomez


"I am worth recovery And I’m allowed to celebrate it, which is a great feeling